The CanDo Story

What makes a society good? Is there a tangible difference we can make towards creating an ideal society? A society where opportunities are not judgmental and are made accessible to all, where the dis in disabilities is no more a differentiator, where workplaces are PwD friendly, and inclusive.

Can do was our answer, to help build such a society, one workplace at a time. Can Do is a social entrepreneurship supported by Krea eKnowledge. We are a small team helping PwDs shape their careers, and corporates to transform into inclusive workplaces. We have dedicated teams working towards this goal.

CanDo Community

Can do is on a quest, to build workplaces that work for everyone. In this journey we have had the privilege of working with several corporates, training institutes, coaches, volunteers, and PwDs. The more the merrier. We are always on the lookout for more hands to shape a better society, and here is how you can help.

Training institutes, coaches, and mentors have been an important of our journey. Our beloved trainers have helped upskill PwDs leading them towards a bright career. If you have a skill you believe you can impart, we would love for you to be a part of the Can Do community

Spread the word, help us in our daily tasks, create content for us, connect us with the like-minded. As a Can Do volunteer, you can help us help PwDs in realizing their dreams.

If you an NGO in this field, CSR team, or an advocacy group lets team up! We are sure together our strong network can turn around dreams to reality.

Meet our people


to help better every little initiative we take

Pravin Shekar

The Outlier Marketer

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy


Team CanDo

Who help with connecting the right talent with the right job, connecting PwDs
with training institutes, guiding corporates in understanding their role in
employing PwDs, and helping them along the way to make it possible.




Program Manager


Team Member


Team Member


Team Member


Team Member

You too Can Do!

All are welcome to be a part of the Can Do community. You can join our team,
volunteer, mentor, train, share your story, and get involved in more ways than you believe.

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