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People with Disabilities make up an estimated one billion of the
world’s population. Can Do believes in those one billion dreams
and aims to shape them into success stories. Are you a PwD with
a dream? Or are you a corporate with inclusivity on your mind?

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We empower People with Dreams.
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Find a job that matches your skills and discover your career path,
or target your dream company and upskill to get employed.
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Have a unique idea? We can help you become an entrepreneur.
Cando Catalyst is a social microventure fund to incubate and promote PwDs with entrepreneurial aspirations.
Share your story and your idea, and we will get you started.

Thank you Can Do Corporates for being inclusive!

We are delighted to have partnered
with CanDo. They are a very receptive Organization and deliver on the commitment. We have used their services in scanning services & data compilation. Our experience has been more than pleasant. The output in terms of quality has been consistently good. We are keen on building this relationship.


We are delighted to have partnered The CanDo team is extremely sincere, resourceful and great to work with, Besides the satisfaction of working with the differently abled. We were able to realize our intended objectives through this engagement. They functioned like an extended arm of our company and we definitely benefited from this association.


CanDo as the name rightly says is a team that “can do” any task given to them with true sincerity and dedication. They have been handling our customer calls for almost a year and till date not a single customer would have known that the customer care executive on the other end is visually impaired. The team is well balanced to execute the process. We are glad to have them as a part of our team.


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For Corporates

Competence is inclusive.
Are you?

Can Do believes opportunities deserve to be inclusive for the collective growth of the society. People with disabilities offer a unique approach to problem-solving and innovation that enable businesses to tap into unexplored market opportunities.

Talk to us to enable business growth through inclusivity.

Superstars Matchbook

This book is the first step towards our objective of skilling and training 1000 People with disabilities in the next one year.

A guide for companies and potential employers, highlighting possible recruitment resources for the openings that you have. If you are someone with the necessary skills, this book will match your current job needs to an available job opportunity.

You too Can Do!

All are welcome to be a part of the Can Do community. You can join our team,
volunteer, mentor, train, share your story, and get involved in more ways than you believe.

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